August 18, 2021


SD Air & Space Museum


8 am - 3 pm



San Diego Military Summit features 11 different breakout sessions for attendees to choose from.

Seating is limited at each session and is on a first come basis.



Translating Your Military Experience for Civilians

A key step in securing employment after service is figuring out how to communicate your military experience with the civilian workforce. This panel will focus on helping you clearly define your skillset to assist in a successful transition to the private sector.


  • Where to start
  • How to cut out the military jargon
  • Identifying translatable skills behind the experiences in the military
  • Utilizing key words and phrases
  • Resources available to help


Utilizing Social Media During Transition

Social media is rapidly changing the professional world and how connections are made. It is important that you understand how to leverage your profile and build a story to help secure a role in your life after service.


  • How to get the most out of your profile
  • Building your own story
  •  Virtual connections vs. real connections
  • Social media do’s and don’t

Figuring Out What’s Next: Identifying a Career That’s Right for You

Military transition can be daunting and overwhelming! In this breakout learn how to identify your skill sets and your passions together with education, training, resources, and power of networking, to move onwards to the next step.


  • Identifying skillsets
  • Deeply Embedded Life Interests
  • Education/training necessary for transition
  • Power of Networking!

How to Network in Person and Virtually

Building relationships through networking is critical to your next job! The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics concludes that “85 percent of jobs are filled by networking” due to many jobs never being posted publicly. Since 2020 virtual networking has become even more important. Know the benefits and differences between networking in person and virtually.


  • Setting Networking Goals
  • Establishing and Expanding Networks – both in person and virtually
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships of Value
  • How to access the hidden job market
  • Networking for Introverts

Industry Insights and Expectations

After service figuring out what is right for you may be a challenge. This panel will highlight different industries that are growing in San Diego and what type of background work is required to break into the field.


  • Industry analysis of local opportunities
  • Tips for identifying your passion
  • How to utilize informational interviews
  • Industry overviews

Understanding and Utilizing Your Educational Benefits

The military has offered you a foundation to prepare for your next career. All you need to do is take the reins. By having an understanding of the benefits that are afforded to you and your family you will have the tools to strengthen your knowledge and skills to make you competitive in the civilian workforce.


  • Your GI Bill benefits: Everything you need to know
  • Rehabilitation & Employment Services
  • CalVet Veteran Services Education Benefits
  • Educational opportunities while you’re still active duty

Successful Transition Stories and Tips

Deciding to leave the military is as big a step as deciding to join. Most of us come in when we’re young, naive, and mostly unprepared. When we get out, we’re just as unprepared. Transition Planning will allow you and your family to be responsible for your own success and be prepared to enter civilian life.


  • Pre-Separation readiness. When to start and avoiding pitfalls
  • Check list and timeline.
  • Is your family ready?
  • Support network-find a mentor
  • Reconnecting to the community-your new career

What do Businesses do to Support Veterans and Military Spouses?

Veterans and their spouses bring a highly desirable set of skills and qualities to the workplace. In fact, many employers actively recruit veterans and identify themselves as "military friendly." Join this panel to learn from the companies that have created successful veteran’s programs and how they support your professional growth.


  • How to identify veteran friendly companies
  • Training & Development Programs
  • Utilizing internships & fellowships

Connecting Veterans to Community Leaders: What is Your Community Doing for You?

The military plays an integral role in the growth and success of our community in San Diego, because of this our communities leaders make an emphasis of supporting those who serve. This panel of elected leaders will discuss some of the different things they do to ensure veterans and their families receive the support they need.


  • What programs are available to the military community?
  • How to share your voice and feedback

Insights into How Companies Hire 

Your resume made it through an organization’s resume filtering software, and they called you to schedule an interview, now what? This panel will break down what to expect during the interview/hiring process so you can put yourself in a position to succeed.


  • How to identify what a company needs
  • Tailoring your resume to a defined job
  • Understanding a company’s recruiting process
  • How to identify organizations that support veterans

Understanding VA Benefits for You and Your Family

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of benefits available to Veterans nationwide. This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits, tools, and resources that are available for service members, Veterans, and their families.


  • Overview of services/benefits provided by the VBA
  • Eligibility for VA Claims
  • Types of disability claims available
  • Understanding the application process
Breakout Sessions

San Diego Military Summit features 11 different breakout sessions for attendees to choose from.

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