Brett Crozier

Brett Crozier,
Captain USN (retired)

Chief Operating Officer
Veterans Village of San Diego

Surf When You Can

As an expert in veteran challenges, Captain Brett E. Crozier, retired Navy veteran and Chief Operating Officer at Veterans Village of San Diego, will share insights on achieving a successful career transition through his personal transition story.

Drawing from his extensive military background and experience leading diverse organizations, Brett will highlight key factors in navigating the unknown.  Enriched by his deep understanding of military culture and the unique obstacles veterans face, Brett will empower Summit attendees with valuable strategies to navigate change confidently and pursue fulfilling professional paths, while maintaining the mindset “Surf When You Can. 

Importance of Networking and How to Do It (Virtual and Live)

Building relationships through networking is critical to your next job! The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics concludes that “85 percent of jobs are filled by networking” due to many jobs never being posted publicly. Since 2020 virtual networking has become even more important. Know the benefits and differences between networking in person and virtually.


  • Strategies for approaching networking events
  • How do I establish a network?
  • Tips for effective and efficient networking
  • Strategies to utilize social media and online platforms to connect with others and expand your network


  • To be announced

Insights Into How a Company Hires

Your resume made it through an organization’s resume filtering software, and they called you to schedule an interview, now what? This panel will break down what to expect during the interview/hiring process so you can put yourself in a position to succeed.


  • Understanding the hiring process
  • My resume is great, why am I not getting responses?
  • The importance of tailoring application materials and responses to the job you are applying for
  • What can I expect in the interview
  • The role networking plays


  • To be announced

Translating Military Skills to Civilian Workforce

A key step in securing employment after service is figuring out how to communicate your military experience with the civilian workforce. This panel will focus on helping you translate your skillset to facilitate a successful transition to civilian employment.


  • Translating military jargon to civilian workforce
  • How to identify and articulate your transferable skills to successfully transition
  • What are “military-friendly employers” and how beneficial are they
  • Seeking out mentors and networking within the organization


  • To be announced

Leadership and Communication in the Civilian World



  • How to adjust leadership and communication skills in the civilian world, what does it look like
  • Strategies for relaying leadership styles from the military into the civilian workforce
  • How to articulate your vision
  • Tips on authentic leadership


  • To be announced

Your Resource Roadmap - Strategies for Success

Leaving the military and entering the civilian workforce can be daunting and scary. There are a lot of questions and thoughts associated with these big decisions and one of the biggest is, where do I start. What are my priorities, needs, and wants? Today's panel will shed some light on where to begin and questions you should ask yourself as you either transition out of the military or just want to change jobs.


  • Understanding resources available (Operation Connect)
  • Transition assistance programs, career counseling, and education benefits
  • Importance of networking and mentorship
  • Developing a career plan and setting goals


  • To be announced

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